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chatA lot of online websites are now including chat service as part of their customer contact points because of its many winning benefits.  Even web users who are navigating away from these websites, and potentially unlikely to visit again anytime soon, are all too quickly rescued with chat service.  This alone already gives the company a way to generate new business more proactively.

Chat companies help businesses with the easy installation of chat service in their websites. Chat options are prominently displayed in the clients’ sites as part of the web page so as not to be overlooked by the site visitors.  Some are designed as pop-up windows. Customers can just click on the chat option in the webpage which will direct them to a window that asks them to fill out fields, usually their name, email address, and their question.  A “start chat” icon can be clicked to start the conversation.  The company’s chat representative can then take care of the addressing the visitor’s concerns.

Chat links are also often added as contact info alongside phone numbers and fax lines of the company. Post-sales emails sent to customers contain chat buttons for easy future reference. As customers’ information are obtained through chat service, marketing materials can be easily disseminated as well.  This is provided, of course, that the customers opt into the email service.  This could also include follow up messages both through email and SMS.  Businesses, however, should take care of whatever information is obtained through the chat feature and ensure that they will not be accessed by other parties.

Chats usually follow a pattern, most commonly called as a chat flow. It starts with providing a warm and friendly welcome to the web user. This is important as it sets the mood of the proceeding chat conversation. After customer provides question or concern, representatives reassure customers that they can help and they own the issue of the customer. If questions are difficult to answer, chat representatives can inform the customer that they will just take a moment to research and gather details so there won’t be misinformation or miscommunication.

chat serviceSolutions or answers obtained from info gathering are then relayed to customers as part of resolving the issue. Thereafter, web portals may be shown to web users so they can correctly understand the given solution or answers.

If the agent was not able to arrive to the solution, the chat may be elevated to a more senior support personnel for better handling.  If the issue is resolved, this could be a good opening to sell to the customer.  Additional information and brand messages may also be relayed at this point.  Products and services, discount promotions, and the like can be offered.

They may also be asked about their experience with using the chat as means of communicating. Feedback or comments about the overall services received may also be asked from customers for service improvement purposes.  No matter how the chat session ends, the chat representative should thank the visitor or customer sincerely and politely.  An invitation to use the chat facility again in the future is always welcome.

It is important for businesses to understand that their relationship with the client does not stop when a cart is checked out or when a chat sessions ends favorably.  Whatever information that is gathered from the customer at various touch points should be analyzed to be able to anticipate their future needs.  This leads to improving customer relationship and successfully building customer loyalty.

With efficient chat service, the advantages of being online is fully maximized.  The company is able to highlight its concern for its customers not only as a vendor but also as partners in providing them with answers and solutions to their needs.

Chat service Frenzy